Credit: David Fisher Photography

Credit: David Fisher Photography

What’s going on at Rhodes House

- An update from the Rhodes community

The construction work at Rhodes House is progressing at pace! The first phase to clear the site and demolish the buildings which are not required as part of the scheme was completed in early 2021, following which we opened the site to the archaeologists for the first phase of their excavation works.

These works found nothing of great value, though it was nice to find fragments of clay pipes relating back to the 17th century, when our site formed part of Oxford’s Civil War defences.

Following completion of the first phase of archaeological works, construction of the structural walls of the new basements is now complete.

The construction team have been taking full advantage of the quieter-than-normal building, and have completed many of the structural alterations in the basement beneath the House, creating the new openings, which will form the convening centre foyer.

In the main House above ground, we have been renovating the East Wing to create en-suite bedrooms, and replacing the power and data infrastructure.

During the summer, we will take the lid off the basement, which sits beneath the Giant’s Grave. This will enable us to complete the structural alterations. We can then start building-back with our new lightweight concrete roof structures.

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