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New look at St John’s College

Introducing the newly modernised Garden Quad Auditorium at St John’s College

St John’s College have recently renovated their Garden Quad Auditorium, thanks to Sound Space Vision and architect, Alan Berman. Situated in the beautiful Garden Quadrangle that was first designed by Richard MacCormac, the Auditorium has been enhanced in many ways to create a versatile space for different types of events.

The design of the Auditorium has been refurbished to improve the sightlines and acoustics of the room and has incorporated changes that allow for wheelchair access to both the seats and stage. Along with new lighting and electroacoustic enhancements, the stage is now extendable and is a great utility for performances requiring an orchestra pit, while also fulfilling the College’s desire for the lecturer/performer to be closer to the audience.

With a newly optimised space for lectures and musical performances, the Auditorium works hand-in-hand with the Garden Quad Reception Room & the Garden Quad Foyer - flexible spaces that can be used for posterboards, networking, meals and drinks recptions / conference registration.

To find out more about the Garden Quad or any other facilities at St John’s College, please contact the team today on 01865 277486 or

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