Mhs basement gallery set for dinner

Enjoy Christmas at the History of Science Museum

Experience an Oxford venue like no other in the oldest purpose-built museum in the world!

In 1683 the building which is now the History of Science Museum opened as the home of a completely new institution, the Ashmolean Museum. The museum was much more than just a display of objects, it became the centre of Oxford science in the late 1600s with teaching in the entrance gallery and a chemical laboratory and anatomical theatre in the basement.

In 1924 the present-day museum was founded in the same building and it now houses an unrivalled collection of historic scientific instruments including astrolabes, sundials, and early mathematical instruments. Among the museum’s treasured possessions is a preserved blackboard used by Albert Einstein. Many of their visitors are eager to locate the blackboard to experience some small connection with this remarkable scientist.
Conveniently located in the centre of Oxford, the team are delighted to offer our famous museum for hire. The Museum provides a range of spaces which can lend charm and character to a whole range of special events including recitals, talks, receptions and dinners; all of which take place among the historic collections. The museum also offers a modern seminar room for boardroom-style meetings and presentations.
Click to find out more about venue hire at the museum and host an unforgettable event like no other.

The team look forward to welcoming you and your guests to the History of Science Museum this Christmas.

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