Wolfson chef

New Chef, New Ideas at Wolfson

Wolfson appoints award-winning international chef

Wolfson College is famous among Oxford colleges both for its Modernist buildings and its progressive ethos. We're excited to announce the college has appointed award-winning international chef Michael Godfrey as their new Head Chef! He joins the team this month after an impressive series of executive chef positions at Eton, New York University Abu Dhabi, and Brunel University.

The new Head Chef is expected to raise the already high standards of catering: not only for the students and fellows but also for a lively programme of events—conferences, academic symposia, literary and musical gatherings, and all the external activities that keep the college busy, all year round.

Sir Tim Hitchens, President of Wolfson, comments: "Dining together is at the heart of college life and an important part of student wellbeing. Michael impressed us with his culinary expertise and the way he thinks about food. We're looking forward to his start in April."

Michael Godfrey adds: "The college is a special place at Oxford, and their dining arrangements have the same unique style: high on quality, low on formality. We all agree that an intelligent food policy is connected to the future of the planet as a whole. At the same time, good food is central to our daily lives: the way we socialise, share ideas and celebrate. After the year we've all just had, it shows the importance of getting round the table again. I'm looking forward to joining the brigade at Wolfson, and putting my plans into practice."

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