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Oxford Martin School

- A Message from Clara Bowyer, Events and Venue Manager

What do Brexit, Climate Change and the Pandemic all have in common?

With the implementation of hybrid & virtual events, venues and event companies can help towards combating all three, meaning the events industry needs to adjust. These adjustments don’t need to be expensive, and the savings elsewhere can counteract any costs incurred. With each hybrid & virtual event we open up our work to a more international audience, an audience that may not be able to afford to attend a conference in another country and to those whose lives are too busy to take the time out to fly to the UK but can find the odd hour to give us their expertise.

But what does a hybrid event mean to us here in Oxford? New equipment, new skills and a new way of doing business. At the Oxford Martin School we have offered basic hybrid events since 2013, but the uptake was gradual as clients wanted people in the room but slowly clients saw the benefit and savings they could make. The equipment was installed with foresight in our refurbishment and slowly we have been building what we can offer and currently we are running virtual in conversation events.

Once we are back working from site the Oxford Martin School is going to expand what it can offer to clients and audiences alike. With talks, symposiums etc. all having a greater virtual element and continuing to improve the tech we provide.

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