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Introducing the Award-Winning In-House Technology: RapidMooc!

From Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Saïd Business School recently won the Best In-House Technology award at the annual Academic Venue Awards, hosted in London, for their RapidMooc video platform solution!

The One-Touch Video Recording Studio Service allows anybody to record an educational or promotional video without any on-site technical support or without the need for later editing. The role of video in education has increased exponentially in the last few years. This system allows us to produce high quality videos to support courses and other events without the necessity of external media specialists.

The Studio was implemented using a new technology integration provided by RapidMooc, establishing effective support policies with the AV  team. The studio is set up in such a way that it can be used autonomously.

The process for recording a video consists of three simple steps:
1. Turn on system and lights
2. Connect laptop with presentation to serve as a background
3. Record video by pushing a single button.

The presenter can see themselves in front of their presentation as video is being recorded, giving them an accurate presentation of the final product. The presenter can also use the built-in autocue/teleprompter.

The recorded video is copied to a USB key to be shared via Vimeo, YouTube or other internal systems. The video can be edited later but this is not necessary in most cases.

The conference team recently used the technology to produce videos regarding health and safety information, which can be sent to the event organiser prior to the event as well as playing on-screen upon arrival for all delegates.  The videos are bite-sized and easy to digest rather than word-heavy PDF instruction guides.

Saïd Business School are looking to provide more how to guides in the future as well.

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